The power of technology and crime.

When vendors (sellers) and consumers (users) think of technology the considerations are programming, PC’s, laptops, phones, games, social media and so on. However, there is a dark side in Australia, where technology becomes a tool of financial crime.

Financial crime through technology occurs in various areas, fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, white collar or corporate crime, currency violations, manipulation of financial markets just to name a few.

Generally, all people think they are living in a safe and secure environment, because what you cannot see, does not really hurt you unless it actually impacts on you directly or your immediate family.

Financial crime through technology is the same principle as a person robbing a bank at gun point. The only difference that is between the 2 criminal methods, is that one is using physical force, where the other is through the use of force by technology.

The criminal process in undertaking financial crimes are increasingly entrepreneurial and sophisticated, and their growing infiltration into the development of code hacking with advanced logarithms threatens the free markets and financial systems that are critical to the stability and efficiency of the Australian economy.

These technology criminals are constantly developing new hacking logarithms for the theft of funds, and as a consequence erode market integrity, quality, and competitiveness, which results in significant loss to the individual and the community.

Cyber Crime as the name suggest is a criminal offence in cyber space, where theft occurs in present time by bots, which are like little computer robots that continue to hack into a system to retrieve data whether it be account details, card numbers, or other information that enables ability of the criminal to transfer money from an account of some form, with the ultimate goal of the hacker to secure other people’s funds illegally.

Internet criminal activity is constantly evolving and the 2 generations of hackers, crackers, cyber-punks, phone phreaks, viruses, worms, logic bombs, Trojan horses and salami slicers have underscored the first law of the electronic age, and no matter how the internet technology evolves, if it can be hacked it will be done, and the protection for the consumer needs to increase.

Financial crime in Australia is a national security threat and every Australian that uses technology in their daily lives must consider protective measures to ensure that their data is secure and safe. However, as history tells us, if someone wants to break into your home, they will find a way in, and the same is for technology, whatever data is in the online environment it can be hacked in some form or another, as long as the criminal wants to find a way in.

So no matter how dependent vendors and consumers become reliant on the internet, the technology will rapidly change, and the importance of remaining up to date with all current forms of protection online will be an immense challenge not just for the individual but for the society as a whole.


製造販売会社 (小売店) と、消費者 (ユーザー) がテクノロジーについて考える時、重要なのはパソコン、ラップトップ、電話、ゲーム、ソーシャルメディアなどに使われるプログラミングです。しかし、オーストラリアでは暗い側面もあります。テクノロジーが経済犯罪の道具になりつつあるのです。