Start-up technology choices!

Every new service business faces the challenges of costs to revenue ratio, and how long before the earnings can be far above the costs.

There is never an easy time to kick start a new business and there are many funding and how too ideas on the internet on how to get your business off the ground.

One of the key questions for all new start-ups is how to best use technology to reduce the operational costs, while at the same time increasing customer service and satisfaction levels. This may sound simple to do; you have a mobile phone, laptop and away you go doing your business. But does it give you the representation that is required to provide confidence in the consumer to use your services. There are many different types of services in the market place and each eventually finds its own niche, or fails.

A majority of start-ups will not make it past the 2-year period, and those that are still in operation after 5 years, and constantly improving their client interaction, will have a business model that will grow with the future.

Starting small as a business is a good way, but having the right technology base to grow as your business revenue increases is even more important, because if you get the foundation wrong, it can be extremely costly later down the line to change.

Several key points to consider in a service line business, is what type of server system will you use, will it be cloud based, or a fixed server, or will all the data be stored on a PC or laptop. Then how will the data itself be stored and retrievable as required, is there software to do that process, will there be regular backups of the data and how will the backups be carried out.

There are so many important questions to answer as your business idea develops, and each idea needs careful consideration.

Start-up facts are clear, all businesses need some form of technology, and how that technology is used or is developed for the growth of the business will be the key for its survival.

If you are using a website to interact with your customers, one of the important questions is should you use a cloud or dedicated server?

Well the key answer is how much do you have to spend!

The primary difference between a cloud and dedicated server, is that cloud is on someone else’s hardware mixed in with thousands of other websites, and the provider of the hardware looks after the equipment; whereas, a dedicated server you manage the hardware and the running of the server in its entirety.

In a perfect situation were funds are not restricted in a start-up, a dedicated server is the better option to proceed with but it is costlier. However, for small to medium size businesses, cloud is still a good option to go with until your business is well established, at which time you may choose to move to a dedicated server.

Not everyone will go the start-up path, but those that do, will have an amazing journey of self-discovery on how the planning for the use of technology at the beginning can result in the ultimate success or failure of the business.