What is a Smart Fridge?

A smart fridge is not a new term but when domestic living in the 21st century is considered, gigantic fridges that have total control of your daily nutrient intake, that knows and understands your every health moment, is a monster of some sought!

So what is a smart fridge, well, it is a computerized fridge that connects to the internet and manages every movement of item in the fridge, through infrared weight scanning technology. So if something is taken from the fridge, the fridge records that item as missing at a set time, lets say 3.00am for argument sake, as that is the lowest time period of use with human interaction with the fridge, and the smart fridge places that removed item onto its order list, and when that list has a certain number of missing items, the fridge will them communicate with suppliers, which may be a local supermarket to replenish the items removed. These items are then delivered to the residence and manually placed into the missing positions in the fridge.

So what is the benefit of a smart fridge? There are many positive benefits but the main one includes less time shopping and more time spending with family members enhancing life style. The main negative of a smart fridge is the cost to purchase one, as they range in price from $12,000 to $25,000 subject to the technology requirement that you are seeking.

Eventually, like all things the smart fridge, which is technology savvy, will make its way into most homes around Australia, and the rest of the modernised world for that fact. Time is just needed to allow the consumers to create a large enough demand to be able to reduce the purchase price of the product, which will be achieved by mass production with the high demand for use by the consumer.

In the modern world everyone has a fridge, but your fridge neither talks to you, or asks how you feel, or even considers your diet needs. However, the smart fridge, will know everything about you, what you like to eat and drink, and it will even assess your fat and BMI ratios. It has even been said that the smart fridge one day will even become your in-house doctor, though the consumer is not quite ready for that to happen just yet, but it is still right around the corner.

For a moment, just imagine your whole life being ran by your smart fridge, its sounds scary right now, but as our lives become more integrated with technology, with all these tiny micro bots operating around you, your life will change to a whole new dimension with freedom of time. However, the real question will always be, are you allowing too much technology into your life to run it!

The moral ethics of a smart fridge are still to be tested in society, but with consumer demand seeking more time for oneself and not being a servant to others, the smart fridge will eventually be a dominant manipulator, you might say, in one’s life.

The smart fridge will become the central point in everyone’s home in the modern world, and even in lunch rooms of offices. Just consider the office environment for a moment, instead of going out to lunch, the office fridge has already prepared your lunch based on your dietary/health needs, which will result in a better life for you, and higher productivity for the company. Some may argue that is a perfect situation!

So are you ready for the smart fridge!

(翻訳) スマート冷蔵庫は新しい用語ではありませんが、21世紀の家庭生活を考える時、あなたの毎日の栄養摂取を完全に掌握し、あなたのあらゆる健康に関わる瞬間を熟知し理解している巨大な冷蔵庫はある意味、モンスターです!


では、スマート冷蔵庫の利点は何でしょうか? すばらしい利点は多数ありますが、大きな利点の一つに、買い物に費やす時間を削減して家族と過ごす時間を増やすことで実現できるライフスタイルの向上が挙げられます。スマート冷蔵庫の最もネガティブな点は、その実現に必要となるテクノロジー要件にかかる1万2千ドル〜2万5千ドルという購入価格帯です。



あなたの生活全体がスマート冷蔵庫によって管理されているとちょっと想像してみてください。今は恐ろしいと思うかもしれませんが、あなたの周囲で機能しているあらゆる超小型ボットを使って私たちの生活がますますテクノロジーと融合するようになるにつれ、生活は全く新しい次元へと変化し、時間の自由が生まれます。しかし、常に問題となるのは、あなたの生活があまりに多くのテクノロジーに振り回されすぎているのではないか? ということです。


近代化社会においては、スマート冷蔵庫はあらゆる家庭の中心となるでしょう。オフィスのランチルームでさえ同じことが言えます。ちょっとオフィス環境を考えてみてください。外へランチに出かける代わりに、オフィスの冷蔵庫があなたの食生活 / 健康ニーズを考慮してランチを用意してくれるとします。結果としてあなたの生活は向上し、会社にとっては生産性が上がります。これはパーフェクトな状態だと主張する人も中にはいるでしょう!