Tech watches and time use!

Is it really worth spending the money on a tech watch? Well, the first place to start is to define what is a technology watch, is it a fashion piece or a digital tool that can actually be used for your benefit.

There are various manufactures for tech watches, such as Apple, Google, Samsung and so on. They all vary in features; some with sporting/health aspects, others with document, social media capacity and the ability to extend into your everyday life with connection in real time.

The Australian consumer is broad with their use of technology, but somehow, on a visual aspect the tech watch on an everyday use has not really taken hold, as people still like to have the elegance of the brand name watch. However, as our society changes, so do the needs of everyday living. Costs of living are increasing and people are becoming more time poor as working conditions are no longer stable, and extra worktime is needed to basically stay a head of the termination line, business revenue loss, or whatever you wish to call the tightening of the monetary society.

So if we consider the aforementioned points, people who are really on the go all the time, and those people that are in administrative job positions, and who need access to digital communications on a continuous basis, there is the phone technology that can accommodate that person who are on the go. But that means, that individual has to constantly be touching their phone or reaching into a bag, or draw, in order to access the device for information. But when the digital device is worn on the person, it creates greater flexibility for the individual who is continuously on the move.

Staying ahead of any business society mobile tech revolution, will require changes to one’s mindset on how things are handled in the shortest time period possible. So if the person with a tech watch can remain on the go, and quickly review text messages, emails, social media, and even phone messages without the need of using your telephone, won’t that alone save time. Well of course it will, but the question is, will there be a reasonable demand for the person to use it.

Presently with the current tech watches that are available to the consumer, there is always a limitation of some form of use. But as time progresses, the technology will develop where the use of such tech watches will become obsolete, because new imaging technologies will be more efficient, smaller, and embedded into the person’s skin that will transmit data visually to the user in 3D holographic images when called upon by that party.

This type of technology advancement sounds heavy duty in our present society, but the thing is, it is already here, and just waiting to be made available to the consumer at a cost effective level.

So when you think tech watches and time use, don’t think now, consider tomorrow.



スマートウォッチにお金を払うのは本当に価値があるのでしょうか? まずはスマートウォッチとはどういうものか、定義することから始めましょう。スマートウォッチとは、自分のために実用的に使えるファッションアイテムの一つです。