What is a QR Code, and how is it changing, or making the way people do business with one another different.

Well…firstly a QR Code is a matrix barcode or two-dimensional barcode. A QR code’s may contain information on business, like a business card, advertising or other detail as required.

The reason why QR Codes are becoming popular is because there can be a lot of data stored on the QR Code, which can then easily be scanned by a mobile device, like your mobile phone.

Businesses are evolving, it’s the only way to survive in a dynamic changing society, where there is a strong social requirement to protect the environment through the reduce of large volumes of printed material, which all has an impact on the demand to use new and inventive ideas through technology.

QR Codes are nothing new, they have been around for a while, originally developed by Japan for the automotive industry, which QR Codes have now started to branch into main stream business, with business cards, advertising, short briefs, promotional material, with the use of a QR Code continuing to be extensive with their development.

At the present time QR Code use by the consumer still needs to gain traction in Australia, but as the people become more technology affluent, the use in main stream will increase significantly.

QR Codes are easy to generate and there are various websites that offer that potential to create a QR Code without cost.
The question that each business or person needs to consider when a QR Code is created, is what purpose will it have, and can you reach the required need that you are seeking from the QR Code.

Generally, small businesses that are local to their community, may not use a QR Code, but if those businesses would like to run regular promotional specials to their consumers, the QR Code can be a cost effective method to do so.

Medium to large size businesses or those enterprises that are web based, the QR Code can, and will be an essential tool in the business communication between parties. It is only a matter of time, when people will no longer swap business cards, but will scan one another’s QR Codes. It happens already but just not widespread.

So the next time when you think about making a business card or that promotional campaign, why not try and QR Code it!